Singapore, 1st September 2019
By: Dhias


Why did I choose Universitas Terbuka (UT)/Open University?

To me UT is the best, as I do not have opportunity to attend conventional face to face higher education Institutions. UT well known as distance learning Institutions, and there is no limit for everyone to enroll regardless of age, gender, working status, as long as the person graduated from senior high school and as equal.

Universitas Terbuka (UT) or Open University is the 45th State University in Indonesia which was inaugurated on September 4, 1984, based on Republic of Indonesia Presidential Decree Number 41 of 1984. UT has 4 Faculties, namely the Faculty of Economics (FE), the Faculty of Law in Social and Political Sciences ( FHISIP), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) for Diploma and Bachelor level. Since 2004, UT has opened a Masters level in the Postgraduate Program.

How do I manage my time?

I have to manage my time wisely, because I’m in control of my own learning and pace. I have to get thing done as efficiently as possible while I juggling with work and study daily. As we know we can’t stop or control time, but I want to take control of my online learning and make the best of it. I always have a bigger problem ever, that honestly I never read school books till completed, only in general and focus to which caught my attention. But I always stay ahead of assignment dead line seriously, and I make sure never forget that priority. I would like to read from RBV.

As we know UT has RBV (Virtual reading rooms) that is deliberately provided for UT students that wanting to access online book, and contain full-text digital subject matter books to be used for those of you who have access to online tutorials. Taking accountancy program in UT, helped keep me structured and was a constant reminder that I can do anything within my reach. I was able to finish early and completed the course in three and half years or seven semesters.

Why did I choose economics faculty?

To me economics is the most interesting subject available of all time, and challenging of course, especially study accounting program. This is how I committed in UT and tutorial online learning I begin with. I do not have a tutor or lecturer to ask or to teach about related subject. Most of the subject isn’t easy for those like mathematical economics of compound interest, or economics statistic of probability, cost accounting, marginal cost, marginal revenue etc.

However, I have to be able to understand how, why, when, where and to make it happen by self-study with just school books. At first I struggle, but sooner I get used to it, and what made me fall in love with economics subject, taught me how self-discipline, everything must be in the right place not more or less and just perfect like credit debit balancing.


What did I do after graduated?

After graduated and held my degree accountancy cert, I was offered to teach tutorial face to face at Open University study group Singapore, and it is a good opportunity for me to share knowledge with my junior and others student. Time goes by till UT finally opened the fully online master degree program fully online, that caught my attention.


Home page UT:



Enroll in Master Degree Program Fully Online

Without hesitation I enroll master degree program fully online in financial management. Fully Online program in master degree not much different with degree program, because I have been trained and accustomed to the discipline of science and time management. Once again I have to struggling and this time juggling between works, teaching and studying.

Gladly once again I did it, I was able to finish the course as planned. Every semester without fail I succeed with the great mark in examination. I just done it once again.

Open University office:
Sekolah Indonesia Singapura, 20A Siglap Road, S(455859)
Telf. 64480722


pelma ut-pokjarsg

I can said I prove to you that UT is the best, UT make it thing impossible becoming possible, as a proven is me with my testimony. UT has change my life and change me to see the world with different way.

Now I become a part of UT as Online Tutor. I am living proof”.


“Success awaits you at the Open University”

Now College while working is not a mere dream. Because of the Open University is able to provide opportunities for HIGH SCHOOL graduates and equal regardless of where they are to get a college education with affordable cost without leaving her everyday activities.

The Open University is the right choice for continuing education and reaching goals